Hormone Healing Academy

Your simple blueprint to banish fatigue, experience smooth, regular cycles, ditch the crazy mood swings, and love what you see in the mirror.

it's time to take back your energy, confidence, mental sanity (& even sex drive!), so you can feel like YOU again.

Join us today!

If you're anything like the thousands of other women before they went through HHA, you're...

TIRED of not feeling well.

TIRED of not getting answers.

TIRED of the crazy mood swings.

TIRED of your period problems.

TIRED of being embarrassed of the body in the mirror

TIRED of simply being tired all the time.

TIRED of not "being in the mood" for the man you love most.

But you are also losing hope in feeling any other way, and beginning to accept this is just your new normal.

Yet you would love nothing more than:

--> waking up and feeling full of energy

--> having a smooth, regular cycle that doesn't conflict with everyday life

--> looking in the mirror, beaming with confidence with the body you see

--> eating without worry about being bloated and uncomfortable after every meal

--> being able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep

--> feeling emotionally stable and truly happy again (for your own well-being and everyone's closest to you)

--> not only getting clear answers, but being given a clear system to follow that will set you up for lifetime healing, health and happiness... WITHOUT crazy restrictions, tons of time dedicated, or giving up all the fun in life.


Simply put, you'd love nothing more than to get your old self back again, whether it's been months or years since she's been around.

Begin your journey there today

Are you ready for your transformation?

There are 1,065,766 articles on the internet  (we made that number up, but it is a LOT!) that offer you tips for your hormone health. It's not a lack of INFORMATION.

It is a lack of customization and understanding.

A lack of understanding the messages being sent from YOUR brain to your body. A lack of being able to put any quality knowledge you do find online from trusted sources, into a sustainable, realistic-for-your-season, step-by-step, A-Z game plan for YOUR life.


Let me guess... you're experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Moodiness, easily irritated, or have felt like "an emotional roller coaster"

  • Anxious feelings or always stressed

  • Fatigue or brain fog

  • You're "doing all the right things" with nutrition and exercise, but can't lose the stubborn weight

  • Acne or other skin issues

  • Period problems or crazy PMS

  • Low sex drive (or just plain non-existent)

  • A lot of bloating or digestive issues, or struggle with constipation (less than 1 bowel movement per day)

  • Wake up around 2-4am wide awake, or simply can't fall asleep because of feeling "wired but tired"

  • Diagnosed with PCOS

  • Or in the postpartum season and wondering, will I ever feel normal again?!

No, I'm not a mind reader, I've been there myself...

It seems like it would be straightforward, right?

Eat healthy food, move your body, sleep at night and take care of yourself.  Boom! Your PMS goes away, your cycle becomes regular, your acne disappears overnight, or that fatigue, anxiety, emotional rollercoaster you've been on, and weight are finally gone!

Unfortunately that's not the case, as you may have realized by now yourself.


My Story of Rebalancing My Hormones & Rediscovering the JOY in life again:


Years ago when I got engaged, I thought I was about to be in the happiest season of my life: planning a dream wedding to the love of my life.

My hormones had other plans.

I became a person I didn't even recognize...

  • An emotional roller coaster -- crying all the time, irritable, fits of rage, and happiness all bundled up into one.
  • Constant digestive issues that made me not even enjoy eating out or even feeling like being around people after meals.
  • Extra "fluff" on my body and lots of acne - talk about a confidence killer.
  • Struggling to fall asleep, waking up between 2-4am, and chronic fatigue even on the days I did sleep well
  • No sex drive -- even though I was madly in love with the man, it all of a sudden became easy to honor our commitment to wait until marriage, which worried me.
  • And for a girl that was usually pretty joy-filled and driven, I felt a depression-like cloud over me and no passion for life.

When I went into my doctor, she simply laughed and said, "you're probably just stressed with running a business and wedding planning, but we can put you on a different birth control if you want"

That answer made me feel dismissed, even mocked, and walking out of there with no answers made me know I was going to have to take matters into my own hands.

As I began to pair a ton of research with my years of education I already had behind me, I began realizing there were MANY root issues going on that were affecting my hormones, resulting in all the above said symptoms.

And when I began to make specific diet and lifestyle changes, along with adding in just a couple of targeted supplements for the damage birth control had done to my body, I began HEALING. And not only that, I felt EMPOWERED for the first time in my life, knowing how my delicate female hormones worked...and how to work WITH THEM.

I can't tell you how good I felt on my wedding day!!! It was like I was MYSELF AGAIN.


I'm a women's health dietitian who helps women like you every single day, take back their life from debilitating symptoms too, by fixing the root issues under the surface and cultivating an environment for healing to take place.

But what I'm MOST GRATEFUL for?

Being able to FEEL good enough to do all the cool things God has called me to do and to BE the energized, loving, joy-filled friend, wife, and mama I want to be for all those I love.

And the cool part?

I was able to take my system I used back in those days to heal, and use it AGAIN as I became a mama and went through the postpartum imbalances!

That's why I created Hormone Healing Academy, to help women dealing with everyday struggles like...

  1. Severe fatigue that has you nearly falling asleep every day in the middle of your to-do list...

  2. Weight issues despite "doing all the right things" & no matter how hard you try to peel off the pounds.

  3. Embarrassing Acne that you'd thought be gone by this stage of life, but NOPE. At this point, Ulta is eating up all your budget.

  4. Cramps and Debilitating PMS that have you curled over in pain, grimacing, unable to do what was planned for the day.

  5. Fertility struggles, where month after month it is the up and down roller coaster.

  6. Problems after giving birth like mood issues, severe fatigue and more... even when your mama friends and mothers you follow online seem to bounce-back with no issue.

  7. Anxiety and mood swings that have you sobbing out of nowhere for no apparent reason.

  8. A reduced (or nonexistent) sex drive... making you rather clean the dishes than be getting it on in the bedroom...

  9. Missing, Irregular, Painful or Heavy Periods... that you've just accepted as the "normal" now.

And so much more...


Join a community of like-minded women!

The ultimate support, like-minded group of women, coaching, guidance, and resources to help you heal your hormones and create a hormone supporting lifestyle that LASTS. Without taking all the fun or flexibility out of life.

See, there is a proven system I've come to find. One that has worked for not only myself, but thousands of clients.

Are you ready for that?

YES, I'm ready to heal my hormones!

Just one HHA woman's transformational journey:

What will YOUR story be in a few months from now?


Introducing Hormone Healing Academy...

No more guessing or Googling or struggling to figure things out all on your own.

No more days of crying out of frustration -- asking "What is wrong with me?!"

After not only helping myself, but many other women to rebalance their hormones, I’ve developed a proven blueprint that works for…

  • Women struggling with 1 or more:
    unintended weight gain/inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, skin issues, low sex drive, "wired but tired", anxiety/moodiness, gut issues, pms or period problems
  • Women coming off of birth control, needing to replenish the depleted nutrients, decrease the inflammation, & rebalance their hormones.
  • Women wanting to stay on birth control but support their bodies as much as possible while using it.
  • Mamas that just feel like ever since having children, need a new "user manual" for their bodies, and are looking to rebalance their hormones postpartum to feel GOOD again.
  • Women that have NO idea what caused the hormonal imbalances, but are feeling like anything but themselves & are ready for a natural solution to rebalance their bodies.
Take me to my options

The Result is...

The easy-to-follow, 8 Week Blueprint within Hormone Healing Academy Starter Program + Continued Support inside HHA All Access Membership, that gives you a crystal clear roadmap for pressing the RESET button and setting up a strong foundation for balancing your hormones and feeling your very best again.


"Results i've gotten have been weight loss, better mood, better libido, more body confidence and literacy. But almost more importantly, the things i've learned/mindset shifts are how to view food in a healthy mindset (not focusing on it for comfort but for nutrition especally). And, more importantly, how to ditch the all or nothing mindset and learn how to be kind/gently with myself."

HHA Member

When you enroll in Hormone Healing Academy you'll get...


LIFETIME ACCESS to the 8 Module Hormone Healing Starter Program with video lessons & more

= Value: $997


Exclusive, Printable HHA Workbook: to clear up any confusion, offer video sparknotes & daily journaling pages & to turn the education into implementation for REAL results + extra downloads & guides

Value: $200


8 Hormone Balancing Meal Plans Created by a Registered Dietitian (+ extra recipes, eating out guides, helpful tips and more!)

Value: $500


A Private Community for 24/7 Support

Value: $500

+ These Bonuses!

Bonus #1: a monthly Live Welcome & Q&A Session with me (value: $200)

Bonus #2: RADIATE: My Clear Skin Guide & Bonus Meal Plan (value: $99)

Bonus #3: 2 FREE MONTHS inside the HHA All Access Membership during your 8-week starter program (value: $99)

NEW: Bonus #4: 8-week cycle syncing workout guide to pair with your HHA experience (value: $250!)


Total Value $2,845 


Get Started Today For Just $347

(or 2 payments of $187)

Yes, I'm Ready To Start Healing!

Week 1

7 Day Jumpstart

Week 1, start your journey by following HHA's 7-day (realistic yet effective) jumpstart + opening up your printable HHA exclusive workbook, where we will be revamping your mindset, changing your perspective on this journey, adopting a healthy outlook on food, creating simple daily rhythms that make big differences, finding your motivation, and more.

Week 2


Week 2, learn the HHA Nutrition Method as you also begin following the Hormone Balancing Meal Plans Weekly (+ use the Eating Guide and 75 Hormone Balancing Recipes for when the meal plan isn't realistic for you!) to Stabilize Blood Sugar & Support Healthy Hormones overall: weekly meal plans (x8), fun and simple extra recipes, eating out guide, the freezer emergency meals, & the simple meal formula for when all else fails

Week 3

Holistic Lifestyle

Week 3, begin adopting a more holistic lifestyle by making necessary (yet still realistic) home & lifestyle changes - changes that will make a HUGE difference in your hormones. Holistic living can seem overwhelming. Let us break it down for you in simple, realistic steps to begin ridding those sneaky little things wrecking havoc in your hormone health.

Week 4

Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

Week 4, we'll be revamping two things that make a BIG difference in your cortisol levels and other hormone levels, that may be leading to adrenal issues, thyroid issues, weight gain and more: Sleep & Circadian Rhythm.

Week 5


Week 5, dive deep into DETOXING. No, that doesn't mean following a juice cleanse. We'll be taking steps to support REAL, long-lasting detoxification with systems your body was created with!

Week 6

Your Cycle

In week 6, we'll show you how to Decode your Cycle & Current Imbalances, meanwhile working WITH your cycle vs against it.

Week 7

Testing & Supplements

In week 7, we'll educate you on the topic you've been dying to know: targeted supplementation. We are big believers in diet & lifestyle FIRST inside HHA, but there is a time and place for *targeted* supplementation too! You'll also learn about hormone testing in case that is something you want to do going forward!

Week 8

Making It Last

Week 8?  Well we're helping you Create Your Long-term Health Plan - because we all know following meal plans isn't practical long term, I'll be teaching you how to continue on your own without my guidance going forward, when it comes to your diet & daily lifestyle. Walk away from the HHA jumpstart program with a long-term plan of action now that we've taken the needed steps for balancing those hormones!

Week 9 & Beyond

HHA All Access

Transition into HHA All Access Membership, which will automatically be billed at a rate of $20/month, at the end of your initial 8-week experience. Get access to live group coaching calls & office hours with a hormone expert for ultimate support, be inspired & empowered through the monthly new resources (recipes, special topic masterclasses, guides and more!), and continue receiving support & feedback in our online community. Cancel at any time!

Are You Ready to Be Given the EXACT A-Z System for Balancing Your Hormones with Diet & Lifestyle, to Feel GREAT Again??

Start Today For Only

Payment Plan


2 payments

Begin balancing your hormones today for only 2 monthly payments of $187

Let's do this!

Pay in Full


SAVE $27 and get TWO FREE MONTHS inside HHA All Access Membership too.

Let's do this!

"I am finally seeing progress on mood, tummy issues and weight. I had been on "the pill" for almost 5yrs and had been struggling with weight gain/stubborn weight, mood, fatigue, sleeping issues, etc. And I am finally starting to feel like myself, mess moodiness, more libido, feeling better overall than I have in a long time, and finally seeing weight come off!!"

Katelyn E.
HHA Member

What HHA Members Are Saying...

FAQs Before Joining Hormone Healing Academy

This is going to be VERY different from other things you've tried.

This program is a UNIQUE BLEND of both my personal experience and journey of rebalancing my own hormones, my education as a professional in the health space as a .dietitian with a masters in nutrition, and my years of practice helping thousands of other women rebalance their bodies too.

This is the EXACT process that I’ve taken clients through 1-1 to balance their hormones and feel their very best again, for $4000+! My goal was to create a hormone balancing method that WORKED, was REALISTIC & SIMPLE, and was AFFORDABLE for all who couldn't afford working with me 1-1.

With your $347 investment, you get LIFETIME access to the 8 week program PLUS 2 months free access of HHA All Access Membership (along with our many other bonuses promised above!)!

After that, it's a small $20/mo to keep access to the all access membership that contains weekly office hours/group coaching calls, monthly recipes, monthly masterclasses and more... but you get lifetime access to the 8 week program no matter what!

You will receive immediate access to the 8-module, 8-week program, Hormone Healing Academy Starter, that comes with video lessons, downloads, meal plans, and an exclusive HHA workbook to help you begin your journey back to feeling like YOU again!

As for support, you get ALL you need! From a private group to ask your questions in, to live videos with Sarah Grace each month inside the private group, to "office hour calls" you can get your questions answered in a real-time, group coaching type of way, and even a help desk option inside your portal that you can submit questions to at anytime and get detailed email responses back to!

You ALSO get two free months of HHA All Access Membership to pair with your starter program, that offers new monthly recipes, masterclasses & group coaching calls. PLUS all the other bonuses listed earlier on this page :)

As a dietitian that has worked with thousands of women, I KNOW meal plans aren't realistic long-term, and some days not even in the short-term!

That's why I not only give you a weekly meal plan (for those that do want the more structured guidance), but I also give you a Recipe Book of 75 Hormone Balancing Recipes as a plug and play, + an in-depth eating guide for how to still be following the hormone balancing protocol when you don't have time to cook or you're out on the go!

And by the end of this program, you won't be dependent on recipes or a meal plan at all -- because my main goal is to EDUCATE you on how to do this on your own as you go forward!

Whether you're wondering if this program is for those on birth control, getting off birth control, rebalancing postpartum, or having specific issues like PCOS, infertility, period issues, inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue or more -- my answer is YES.

Our hormone health is all very connected, think of your hormones as one big symphony (when one is off, it tends to create problems with the others!). So no matter which symptoms you're experiencing or stage of life you are in -- there is a proven path to SUPPORT & balance our hormones.

See, we can't just "fix the hormone" that is off. We have to dive deeper and work on the ROOT ISSUES that are leading to hormonal imbalances and these symptoms you're experiencing (hello adrenal dysfunction, thyroid and gut issues, all types of stressors, diet, deficiencies and more) -- and once we begin to fix the root and nurture an environment inside of your body for healing to take place -- the those surface level symptoms disappear and your hormones come back into balance too.

And ONLY THEN, can we bring in specific supplements based on your specific issues/imbalances. And that's where my hormone questionnaire, specific supplement list, and bonus module comes in that focus on very specific issues and what to do extra for each!

This isn’t just for those coming off birth control, this is for everyone wanting to support healthy hormones! If you feel it's ever right for you to come off, you'll find the steps inside on how to do it properly -- but if not, you'll still be able to better support your body while staying on it through replenishing the right nutrients, battling inflammation and supporting your gut + liver!

Remember, you didn't get here overnight. It's probably been months if not years of certain things that have gotten you to where you are currently at -- so any program that would promise you quick results would just be a lie or masking the issue at hand.


Lifestyle changes can take anywhere from 3-6 cycles to fully reflect what we are doing in our healing journey. That said, many HHA members start feeling better after just a few weeks. Some changes we make we can feel right away (like balancing our blood sugar to support our energy and mood), others are forming new habits that build over time. I recommend giving things like period problems & chronic fatigue/cortisol issues at least 3 if not 6 months to notice big changes.

But isn't this program only 8 weeks long? Well, this starter program sets you up for a new LIFESTYLE going forward forever! And the All Access Memberships will help support that new lifestyle for months to come with the needed coaching, empowerment on topics,  and fun inspiration. Again, it's not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change that truly heals the root of your problems.

Even though it is set up in an 8-module, 8-week format, Hormone Healing Academy can be done at your pace! (at the end of the 8-weeks you'll simply transition into HHA All Access for $20/mo but still have access to the starter program too while apart of it!)


However I recommend setting aside about 30min a week to watch the module and 1-2 more hours to take action (grocery shop, meal plan, and plan out your week for success) --  to implement everything you're guided to do. Plus, I know once you start following the meal plans and feeling better, you’ll be so excited you won’t be able to help but to dedicate time to YOU and your health weekly!

If you feel you've had stubborn weight that just WON't come off -- then it could most definitely be hormonal imbalances, and when we get you balanced, that weight will come off too!

However this program is designed for both someone like that AND someone that is solely looking to balance their hormones because of other negative symptoms outside of weight gain. If the reason for your weight gain/inability to lose weight is due to hormonal imbalances (which it often is!), you can expect to see your body composition positively change over time!

Let’s talk about overwhelm. That happens when you have a lot of information, but no step-by-step plan to put all that information into a successful business building model. Hormone Healing Academy is exactly opposite to that. I have left out ALL fluff, and only included the important information you need, along with step-by-step guides & meal plans, so that you never get overwhelmed!

Typically trying to figure out health on your own IS super overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Not when you have a step-by-step blueprint created by a registered dietitian, and a private group for 24/7 support!

Because this is an information-based product that is downloadable, once the starter program is purchased, there are no refunds.

However at the end of the 8-week starter program, if you don't wish to transition into the HHA All-Access membership for $20/mo (& retain your access to the starter program), you can cancel at anytime!


Payment Plan


2 Payments

Begin balancing your hormones today for only 2 monthly payments of $187

Let's do this!

Pay in Full


SAVE $27 and get TWO FREE MONTHS inside HHA All Access Membership too.

Let's do this!

About the Creator:

Hey there, I’m Sarah Grace! 

A renowned media dietitian, licensed nutritionist, speaker, online social media influencer, founder of Fresh Fit n Healthy, and most importantly, a wife & a mama. With a Bachelors in Human Nutrition, a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and my experience after working with hundreds of women worldwide, I have a passion for living out a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and helping others do the same. And that’s exactly why I created Hormone Healing Academy.

And that’s exactly why I created Hormone Healing Academy.

See, after experiencing hormonal imbalances myself and seeing JUST how negatively it can impact your life -- yet also not getting any clear answers from my gynecologist -- I knew it was time to "DIY" a plan for myself, to "crack the code" on my current (terrible) reality, as I combined my years of nutrition education with research specifically on our hormones.

Finally, I figured it all out. I went from, "I have no idea who I am but I am NOT myself" to happy, grounded, and a decent wife again ;) I went from emotional roller coaster, to balanced. I went from not being able to sleep at night ("wired but tired"), to sleeping like a baby. I went from anxious feelings and a depressive cloud over me, back to the fun, lighthearted, passionate Sarah Grace.

And I've used this A-Z blueprint again for a second time more recently, to rebalance my body after becoming a mama to my precious baby boy, Brady Elias.

Now? I’m ready to share the proven system that I’ve used on myself and with others to balance & heal our hormones, with you too.

Come say hello on instagram right here in the meantime, it's one of my favorite places to hangout and hare daily inspiration.


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