Hey, you -- if you're feeling frustrated with your body but stuck with no answers or direction -- you're in the right place.

Your simple blueprint to banish fatigue, experience painless cycles, ditch the mood swings, and love what you see in the mirror.


it's time to take back your energy, body confidence, mental sanity (& even sex drive!), so you can feel like YOU again and ditch the frustration and end the war with your body.

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HHA is the long term solution you need to take back your body as a woman. 


This 8 module course is a practical way to not only learn about why and how your symptoms are ruling your life, but give you the simple roadmap to healing your body, so you can step out of the fog & feel like yourself again.





  • A busy woman who feels frustrated by the number on the scale despite "doing all the right things",¬†who desires a fail-proof yet realistic system that will help keep the weight off for good
  • Feeling guilty about¬†your lack of energy and motivation to do the things you typically enjoy, or experiencing chronic fatigue that has you nearly falling asleep every day in the middle of your to-do list.
  • An overwhelmed mama who's never quite felt the same after having your baby, but is ready to optimize¬†your¬†health & feel confident in¬†your¬†body again
  • Experiencing crazy cycles or mood changes that not only affect your day to day life, but has led to¬†disconnecting from the people you love
  • Trying to figure out the missing pieces of why you don‚Äôt feel like yourself, chained to the symptoms you experience

If you're nodding your head to any of the above, and are ready to feel energized, confident, free, proud and madly in love with your body again... you're in the right place!


You're TIRED of not feeling well.

You're TIRED of not getting answers.

You're TIRED of the crazy mood swings.

You're TIRED of your period problems.

You're TIRED of being embarrassed of the body in the mirror

You're TIRED of simply being tired all the time.

You're TIRED of not "being in the mood" for the man you love most.

You're TIRED of "trying all the things" - programs, diets, supplements - yet not seeing any lasting changes.

And honestly, you're losing hope in feeling any other way, beginning to accept this is just your new normal.


Yet you would love nothing more than:
  • waking up and feeling full of energy
  • having a smooth, regular cycle that doesn't conflict with everyday life
  • looking in the mirror, beaming with confidence with¬†the body you see
  • eating without worry¬†about being bloated and¬†uncomfortable after every meal
  • being able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep
  • feeling emotionally stable and truly happy again (for your own well-being and everyone's closest to you)
  • not only getting clear answers, but being given a clear system to follow that will set you up for lifetime healing, health and happiness... WITHOUT crazy restrictions, tons of time dedicated, or giving up all the fun in life.
What if I told you that your fatigue, extra weight, cycle issues, mood swings, low sex drive, acne, and/or bloating... all had one thing in common?


Let's talk about the SILENT EPIDEMIC.

  • It's thought that 80% of women has some type of hormone imbalance
  • Over 20 million women have been diagnosed with PCOS, thyroid issues, endometriosis, infertility, or¬†cycle problems.
  • Hormonal Birth Control is being given as "the solution" to all different types of endocrine system issues.
  • Women are being dismissed, laughed at, and told "it's¬†normal" in offices when¬†they share their symptoms such as chronic fatigue or mood swings

Millions of women feel alone.
That they’re just stuck in this current reality of "just getting by" forever, accepting this as their new normal.

But here's the good news:

You DON'T need to accept this as your new normal. 

In my 10+ years of experience in the field, and in working with thousands of women with a variety of different hormonal issues as a women's health dietitian, I’ve found the path to give women back their life, their happiness, and honestly, just their sanity too. What we need to do is fix the ROOT ISSUES causing your symptoms - your hormones & everything affecting them.

"Sarah Grace, just want to say thank you!! Your program was the pivotal moment in my transformation"

This was me at 181lbs, one of my lowest points in life, depressed, anxious, making not-great life choices.

This is me at 141lbs, headed to the top of my mountain, happy again.

Ashley P.

By the end of Hormone Healing Academy, you'll have:

  • 1: Clear direction on your personalized health protocol, enjoying weekends and social plans again because you have the tools to build lifelong health.

  • ¬†2: Renewed confidence and love for your body, feeling leaner and energetic, ability to keep up with your kids and/or career¬†+ do all those fun things in life you wish you had energy for...and simply¬†able to just enjoy life fully present, not preoccupied by your health issues any longer.¬†

  • ¬†3: Excitement to go shopping for clothes again because you love how they fit on your body, and you‚Äôre not ashamed of looking at yourself in the mirror!

  • ¬†4: Richer relationships in your friendships and family because you‚Äôre not focused on the symptoms that used to hold you back

And unlike other courses and programs that leave you without so much as an email address to reach out to... I'll be with you to support you along the way through our private group, text support and live Q&A calls.

Love how you feel & look again with

Hormone Healing Academy

Your simple roadmap to healing inside & out, so you can rid the frustration & fall back in love with your body.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the¬†8 Module¬†Hormone Healing Starter Program:¬†video lessons, actionable PDF downloads, summary guides and more.¬†Value: $997
  • Exclusive, Printable HHA Workbook:¬†

    actionable steps, video sparknotes & daily journaling pages --  to turn the education into implementation for REAL results. Plus extra downloads & guides. Value: $200
  • The HHA Nutrition Method THREE Ways:¬†8¬†Hormone Balancing Meal Plans Created by a Registered Dietitian, 100's of plug and play recipes + an in-depth eating guide -- we make it REALISTIC no matter how you work best!¬†=¬†Value: $500
  • A Private Community for 24/7 Support.Value: $500



get everything above PLUS a video consult with a Dietitian ($300 value) + Dutch Test (value $500-600) + Video Explanation of Results (value $500) + Written Personalized Plan (value $500) + 3 months 1-1 communication access for support! How to know if this is right for you? Click here.
Learn more here about the VIP experience!
No matter which option you choose, get your hands on the exact process I (and hundreds of other women!) have used to optimize our energy, hormones, body composition, and overall health.

It's time for you to feel like yourself again.

It seems like it would be straightforward, I'll just "figure it out on my own", right?

Eat healthy food, move your body, sleep at night and take care of yourself.  Boom! The weight comes off, your fatigue goes away, your cycle becomes regular, your acne or bloating disappears overnight, or anxiety & emotional rollercoaster you've been on, magically are gone!

Unfortunately that's not the case, as you may have realized by now yourself.

Can I share my story with you? 

See, years ago when I was engaged, I thought I was about to be in the happiest season of my life: planning a dream wedding to the love of my life. BUT MY HORMONES HAD OTHER PLANS.


 I became a person I didn't even recognize:

  • An emotional roller coaster
  • Rage & irritability that made me feel crazy

  • Constant digestive issues that made me not even enjoy eating

  • Extra weight and embarrassing acne - talk about a confidence killer.

  • Struggling to fall asleep, waking up between 2-4am, and chronic fatigue even on the days I did sleep well

  • My sex drive completely disappeared

  • And for a girl that was usually pretty joy-filled and driven, I felt a depression-like cloud over me and no passion for life

When I went into my doctor, she simply laughed and said, "you're probably just stressed with running a business and wedding planning, but we can put you on a different birth control if you want"


I felt dismissed, even mocked, and walked out with no answers, making me know I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. As I began to pair a ton of research with my years of education I already had behind me, I began realizing there were MANY root issues going on that were affecting my hormones, resulting in all the above said symptoms. I began making diet and lifestyle changes to fix those root issues, & I began HEALING. And not only that, I felt EMPOWERED for the first time in my life, knowing how my female hormones worked...and how to work WITH THEM.

I can't tell you how good I felt on my wedding day!!! It was like I was MYSELF AGAIN.



I'm a women's health dietitian who helps women like you every single day, take back their life from debilitating symptoms too, by fixing the root issues under the surface and cultivating an environment for healing to take place. But what I'm MOST GRATEFUL for: Being able to FEEL good enough to do all the cool things God has called me to do and to BE the energized, loving, joy-filled friend, wife, and mama I want to be for all those I love.



The best part?
I used this pathway back to optimal health TWO other times in the postpartum seasons after having both of my babies.

As I became a mama, I went through the postpartum imbalances, 35+lb weight gain, body changes, and crazy mood swings again. But this time, the path to feeling like myself again was much shorter and without all the frustration and wrong turns, now that I had HHA.

I've taken what I've learned and created a step by step course to teach you how to get your body & life back.

Now this is going to be different.

  • I‚Äôm not going to give you¬†hundreds of $$$¬†of supplements to take.
  • Or a strict cleanse to do.
  • Or a meal plan that makes you cook from scratch daily.
  • Or a ‚Äúprotocol‚ÄĚ that takes hours to implement every day so you fall off day 8.
  • Or a course with¬†every¬†bit of "information" I know, jammed in course modules.

No, you’ve tried a lot of that before most likely, & maybe you even got some results through those things…


But it didn't last.

  • ¬†It was too time consuming.
  • ¬†You were tired of making completely different meals for you and your family
  • ¬†It was mentally too exhausting to keep track of every single day
  • ¬†the temptations and cravings were too strong
  • ¬†Or it was bland tasting, boring, and an unrealistic way of living.

And once you stopped it, all those "good results" you saw quickly disappeared. Why? Because those worked on the "symptom", not the underlying root issues underneath.

I've helped over a thousand women get their LIFE back again. Follow my system to reset your hormones, address underlying root issues, & optimize your overall health, so you can take back your body and rediscover the JOY in life again too (in a way that lasts and allows for fun!)
  • Spend¬†$200 and a ton of¬†your time¬†going to a regular doctor appointment, only to have your symptoms dismissed, be told it's all "normal", pushed hormonal birth control, or be told your "labs are normal"
  • Spend $300 every month on a complex supplement protocol (or random supplements after your scrolling on google and social media you think are best for you) - where best case scenario you just find it all too much and the bottles go barely used -- worst case scenario you make your issues worse by taking a wrong turn with them.
  • Spend¬†$2500+ in¬†working with a functional medicine doctor to actually be heard and get the right types of tests done...

Or you can join Hormone Healing Academy for just $347, to be given the exact pathway back to balance, optimal health, and feeling like YOU again.


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You can totally have a body that you feel beautiful in, mental stability to show up best for those you love, and energy that allows you to crush that to-do list & finally do all those fun things in life you want to do. 


You're going to




You get life time access to the 8 module/week program with a weekly video lesson that simplifies the "why" and tells you exactly the steps to take for optimal results. No more trying to DIY a plan based on google searches and social media posts you save. 


Clear up any confusion, have video sparknotes for each lesson & be given daily journaling pages to implement the diet & lifestyle changes, for a fool-proof way to turn the HHA system into actual implementation for REAL results


Ever think "my body is just broken", "I just have bad genes", "I don't have the time", "I just wish I had more motivation", "I just love good food too much"... or have other thoughts you know are holding you back? Let me help you stop those in their tracks to set you up for long term success before we even change anything else!


Most programs have 100 rules, 20+ ingredient recipes to make, eliminate all your favorites, or make you meticulously track food forever... all things that make it unrealistic long term. Inside HHA, we have you implement an effective nutrition strategy in the most realistic, simple way -- and give you 3 ways to follow it depending on how YOU are wired to work best!


Instead of throwing you inside a course and never talking to you again, HHA offers ultimate support to get YOUR questions and roadblocks answered. We have 1-1 text support, live Q&A calls with Sarah Grace, a private community, and a way to submit questions inside your portal directly to Sarah Grace if you want to stay anonymous to the rest.


Whether you're looking for the best tasting protein powder and some snack ideas from others, or needing encouragement about a frustrating experience in the office, or looking for community or advice from other like minded women and Sarah Grace's team -- you'll find that inside the HHA community. 

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What's Inside HHA

The breakdown

7 Day Jumpstart

Week 1, start your journey by following HHA's 7-day (realistic yet effective) jumpstart where we will be revamping your MINDSET by addressing 7 key aspects --> including your perspective on this journey, your outlook on food, your daily rhythms (that make big differences), something that will last a lot longer than fleeting "motivation", and more. We'll keep it simple this first week, yet make small changes that will take you far!


HHA Nutrition Method

Week 2, learn the HHA Nutrition Method to rid micro and macro nutrient deficiencies, stabilize blood sugar, lower inflammation & create an environment for healing &  balanced hormones - all root issues leading to what you're experiencing right now. Choose 1 of 3 paths to implement the nutrition, depending on how you work best! Either the very structured meal plans, plug and play recipes into your meal planner, or an eating guide to tailor your desired foods/meals to the HHA method!


A Holistic Lifestyle


Did you know parts of your lifestyle, from the products you use, to your daily habits & more, can either be supporting or hurting your health? In this module we simplify a concept that may seem very overwhelming and "impossible": more holistic living, while also addressing hidden stressors wrecking your health. Whether you've started making changes in this area or not already, you'll be given a simplified pathway to reducing stressors affecting your endocrine system, and a guide to prevent the overwhelm of all the options out there.


Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

These 2 things may seem like common sense you can figure out yourself, but we'll be revamping them and giving you actionable steps to reset your body's natural rhythms & ACTUALLY support quality sleep. These two affect your cortisol levels and other hormone levels, which then trickle down to adrenal issues, thyroid issues, stubborn weight gain and more. Let me help you reset and take real action in this area that will lead to big changes down the road in your health.


Detox the RIGHT Way

We'll deep dive into DETOXING this module. No, that doesn't mean following a juice cleanse. We'll be taking a simplified step by step protocol to support REAL, long-lasting detoxification with organs & pathways your body was created with: your liver, your gut, your lymph system. skin and more. You don't need a ton of juices or pills to detox, you need to reset your built in detoxification systems & learn how to support them long term.


Work WITH Your Body

We'll show you how to decode your cycle and empower you to work WITH your female cycle and hormone fluctuations. Unlike men, our hormones aren't on a 24-hr cycle, but instead a 28-ish day cycle. When we learn to work WITH those gentle fluctuations vs feeling at the mercy of them, life (and our mental sanity) changes for the best. Walk away from this module with an action plan for each part of your cycle and how to know what's "off" if you're having current cycle issues/cyclical symptoms.


Testing & Supplements

In this module, we'll educate you on the topic you've been dying to know more about: targeted supplementation. We are big believers in diet & lifestyle FIRST inside HHA, but there is a time and place for *targeted* supplementation too. Emphasis on the targeted, and not random cookie cutter supplements promising you "hormone balance" You'll also learn about optional hormone testing in case you are needing to dive deeper into your health - and which specific values to get tested + time in your cycle to test them for most accuracy, depending on what symptoms/goals you have.


Make it LAST

Last module?  You know how sometimes you finish a short term diet or program with some good results, but then they all just go away once you stop it? Well we're helping you create your long-term health plan - because we all know following meal plans or a program in general isn't practical long term. We'll be teaching you how to continue on your own without HHA's guidance going forward (even though you'll have our community forever!), when it comes to your diet & daily lifestyle. Our two musts? SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE.  Walk away from the HHA jumpstart program with a long-term lifestyle plan in place, and confidence that you can continue going on your own, now that you've taken the needed steps for balancing those hormones!

Hormone Healing Academy gets you from A to Z in record time. This is your ticket out of the dark fog you're in and into a body & life you love.

Let's get you started!

Not only will you get instant access to all the course materials, but you'll also get any future updates & new guides I throw in!



I know you're going to love these!

Let's really fast-track your success and make this as simple as possible for you!
  • BONUS 1¬†-->¬†2 Mindset + Q&A Live Monthly Calls with Sarah Grace Meckelberg to breakthrough any barriers or questions holding you back - can watch recording as well¬†(value: $200)
  • BONUS 2¬†-->¬†¬†No Time Lazy Meal Guide: when life gets crazy or you just feel lazy, stay on track with the HHA Nutrition Method through this simplified no-time guide¬†with no-cooking required meals!¬†(value:¬†$50)
  • BONUS 3¬†--> An¬†8-week cycle syncing workout guide to pair with your HHA experience - optional of course and not needed for you to get results!¬†¬†(value:¬†$250)
  • BONUS 4¬†-->¬†Specific Issues, Targeted Solutions Mini Video Lessons: Whether it's endometriosis, PCOS, coming off birth control, acne, bad PMS, or menopause -- find mini videos for some extra steps according to your specific season/issue, to pair with your HHA program!¬†(value:¬†$99)

But wait, there's more!


When you purchase this course, you’ll get a two-month subscription of HHA All Access, which includes:

  • 100's of recipes in the library + 5 new seasonal/themed recipes monthly
  • A monthly guide on a specific deeper diving topic when it comes to optimizing your health
  • A quarterly masterclass on a topic members request
  • A monthly live "office hours"¬†coaching call with Sarah Grace Meckelberg, to ask all your burning question face to face.
  • Access to all the past monthly archives, for tons of specific guides, recipes, masterclasses and more!

I am finally seeing progress on mood, tummy issues and weight. I had been on "the pill" for almost 5yrs and had been struggling with weight gain/stubborn weight, mood, fatigue, sleeping issues, etc. And I am finally starting to feel like myself, mess moodiness, more libido, feeling better overall than I have in a long time, and finally seeing weight come off!!


I'm already sleeping so much better, feeling more energetic, and already lost a lb in week 1! I've never lost weight by changing my diet before (only ever by exercising it away!). This is so encouraging!!


Almost 2 years since HHA and I occassionally scroll past old photos of myself or just think back to that season of life and I don't even recognize that person... like wow I was in such a dark place... but HHA (and Jesus!) brought me back to life, literally! You will never know how thankful I am for you and your program SG!


I was able to balance my hormones after coming off hormonal birth control, learned how to maintain healthy hormones, and my husband and I welcomed our first son back in March :) Now I'm following the program again to rebalance postpartum.



Can I be honest with you? Many women felt skeptical before joining Hormone Healing Academy. Felt they had tried everything already. That they didn't have enough time. It just wasn't the "right" season. That they were just stuck in their current dark reality forever. But they also felt this excitement and hope deep down, took a leap, gave it a shot, and LIFE CHANGED.


And friend, yours can too!

I wouldn't sit here and type this unless I was fully confident of that.


I'm so confident, that if you do the work and don't see any change in 30 days, I'll give you your money back.


I'm ready to join for $187 today


Still Got Questions?

Hormone Healing Academy

Your simple roadmap to healing inside & out, so you can rid the frustration & fall back in love with your body.


  • Exclusive, Printable HHA Workbook:¬†

    actionable steps, video sparknotes & daily journaling pages --  to turn the education into implementation for REAL results. Plus extra downloads & guides. Value: $200
  • The HHA Nutrition Method THREE Ways:¬†8¬†Hormone Balancing Meal Plans Created by a Registered Dietitian, 100's of plug and play recipes + an in-depth eating guide -- we make it REALISTIC no matter how you work best!¬†=¬†Value: $500
  • A Private Community¬†for 24/7 Support.Value: $500

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the¬†8 Module¬†Hormone Healing Starter Program:¬†video lessons, actionable PDF downloads, summary guides and more.¬†Value: $997
GET HHA FOR JUST $347 (or 2 payments of $187)


I promise that you CAN do this. But in 30 days, if you implement the program and can show proof of completing the lessons and workbook and still haven't seen any change, I will offer you a full refund.

Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and HHA experience and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.


I know first hand  how it feels to not recognize the person in the mirror, feeling lost in which step to take next, frustrated in having symptoms dismissed, and hopeless that nothing seems to help...

that’s exactly why I did the research, worked with hundreds of women and created a simple health and lifestyle blueprint for the busy women who wants to rediscover herself again. You didn't get here overnight, and everything won't change overnight... but follow the simple system, and I promise your body, and life as a whole, will change for the best.