Everything you need to build a healthy life and body, inside & out, that lasts. Feel alive, not deprived.


It's time to say GOODBYE to the diets that just leave you feeling more frustrated and defeated, and HELLO, to your A-Z healthy body blueprint. This all-inclusive Diet like a Dietitian Guide will empower you to become a nutrition expert of your own body and help you feel mentally free from any of the fads out there, so that you can achieve those physical results long term, feel confident and alive again, and simply live out a truly healthy lifestyle -- all in a very balanced, free way.

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In this all-inclusive Diet like a Dietitian Nutrition Guide, you'll get:

  • All the nutrition education to create a firm foundation 
    • general nutrition education
    • macronutrients 101
    • tips & tricks
    • healthy swaps
    • grocery shopping
    • eating out suggestions
    • and more!
  • How to track ++ the calculations you need to ensure you're eating right for your body (don't worry, this won't be something you do forever! But it is necessary to become aware of your current eating to see how you can better fuel your body)
  • An entire step-by-step intuitive eating mastery guide
    • break FREE from all structure and truly just make this a lifestyle after fueling your body right
    • step by step mini lessons on how to intuitively eat
    • take action checkpoints to ensure implementation vs just reading information
  • 100 balanced recipes
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and more!
    • fun yet balanced recipes
    • have endless ideas for your weekly meal plan, without having to follow a strict cookie cutter meal plan!
  • Exact path through all 4 parts - step by step
    • checklists ++ action steps - to not just learn, but implement, the entire way
  • No fluff -  just everything you need to know to become your own expert!
  • Access to a Private FB Community!
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Part 1: Building a Solid Nutrition Foundation

The first half of this nutrition guide will empower you to truly know what is best for you and WHY, so that you can eat healthy and get the results you want, without dieting or unhealthy methods.

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Part 2: Learning to Listen to Your Body

The second half of this nutrition guide will lead you to cutting the cord with any kind of structure now that you've been fueling your body well and creating a solid nutrition foundation. Learn to listen to your body and intuitively eat healthy without counting!

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100 Healthy Balanced Recipes!

Think of this as an endless meal planner! Instead of trying to follow a meal plan that is totally unrealistic and hard to do - use these recipes that were specifically created to curb cravings & energize you - to create your own meal plan weekly!

Ready to begin YOUR journey to a healthy life and body that lasts?

Join me and the rest of the #freshfitnhealthy community as we learn to Diet like a Dietitian, by creating a solid nutrition foundation, fueling our bodies right, and finding food freedom forever. It's time to breakup with all our unhealthy relationships with food, and feel confident and energized again. Our healthy life shouldn't make us feel deprived, but alive and empowered to do all the things we're called to do.

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A Sneak Peek Inside the Guide:

Just a little peek (out of the 156 page guide) into what the inside looks like from the foundational nutrition steps, to the checklists and implementable steps, and the 100 recipes!

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I’m ready to start my transformation!

I'm ready to build a healthy life that lasts!

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