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Are you an expert in the health and/or fitness space, but know little about how to run your own business?

I'm guessing you feel like you know everything about macronutrients, meal planning, and supplements, but nothing about marketing, finances, setting your value, creating offers that sell, or all the other things it takes to run a successful business.

It actually wasn't a lucky guess. That used to be me.

But if you're ready to change that narrative...

RD University was made for you.

Let me take another guess...


  • You’ve downloaded all the freebies.
  • You’ve watched all the webinars.
  • You have the expertise that you need.
  • You have the big dreams inside


It's just...


 You feel a little (or a lot) confused
on how to make those big dreams inside
of you become reality.

I was there too at one time.

Entrepreneurship can be all-consuming and overwhelming, I know.

There’s so much to learn, so much to implement, and so much to think about. Especially within the first year of it all. 
What if I told you I could take some of that pressure & overwhelm off your shoulders? What if I told you there is a tried and true, proven system for health professionals to create their very own, successful online business?


Sound too good to be true?

Let me explain…

When I first started my pursuit for an “entrepreneur's life” throughout my masters program, I was the best note taker there was.


I watched every webinar, listened to every podcast, downloaded every free ebook… and diligently took notes.


“Post on social media….

Create an LLC…

Make a website..

Create an email list. Send an email to said email list 1x/week minimum…

Make sure to have a clear brand…”

I also had plans to create a mugcake recipe to sell...
And a list of recipes for a future ebook...
And online courses I could create…


What I didn't have?

ANY idea how to piece all my “information” together or monetize ANY of part of what I DID have going. 

I felt stuck.

I lacked confidence.

I was paralyzed with fears.

And even when I WAS showing up in the ways I thought I should, money wasn't coming in.

I thought for sure I’d probably have to get a 9-5 job while I tried to download more freebies and watched more webinars to figure it all out…

Relate to any of that?

You aren't alone.

But I've got some good news...


Creating an online business as a health professional is simpler than ever! There is a proven system I've come to find.
It’s not “easy” necessarily. It won’t happen without a lot of effort and following of specific steps.
But if you follow the proven path?? You’ll have yourself a successful, online health business. 

Are you ready for that?

YES! Take me to my options

 By creating your very own business

online with the A-Z blueprint I share

within RD University, you’ll also have

the power to:


1) Experience the ultimate freedom: creative freedom,
time freedom, & financial freedom
2) Support those you love in a greater way:
have the flexibility to spend more time
with them and be present when it
matters, by setting your own hours and
being able to work from anywhere
3) Reach more of the people who need
your help
4) Avoid the biggest killers to all
businesses: overwhelm, burnout, and
5) Finally feel like you’re living out your purpose and following your passion in life.
YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your business (whether you’re starting from scratch or hitting reset for the 10th time)…
But they DO depend on taking a step-by-step approach.


Let me introduce you to my new program


No more guessing or Googling or struggling to figure things out all on your own.
No failed attempts to translate what you’ve been hearing from “coaches” that don’t know the nutrition & healthcare industry.


Are You Ready to Be Given the EXACT A-Z System for Creating a Successful Online Business as a Health Professional?

After a couple years of helping other health professionals create their own online businesses while also maintaining my own, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works for…

  • Dietitians & Nutritionists who are just getting started and don’t even have a brand, ideal client, or program set in stone yet
  • Health Entrepreneurs tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with all the tech and advice from free webinars and downloads, that leaves you more confused than when you started
  • Health Professionals who, despite taking course after course, have failed to create a business that allows them not only time freedom, but financial freedom
  • Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs, who despite the overwhelm, confusion, or temporary setbacks, know this is what they are meant to do, and are therefore motivated-as-heck to finally create a thriving, fulfilling, freeing online business of their own. And want to do it while being supported by a mentor and like-minded community.
Take me to the details

Using This System

The Result is...

The easy-to-follow, 7 Step Blueprint within RD University, that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for predictably creating, growing, & scaling, your online business as a health professional.


Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Create an Unshakeable Mindset (before doing anything else, this is key!)
  • Learn the logistics & “must do’s” before getting your first client, in a non-overwhelming way
  • Begin Attracting Potential Clients - through a clear brand, specific ideal client, your first funnel, and more
  • Nurture Your Tribe - create a way to nurture those who show interest in what you do, without work daily 1-1 to do so.
  • Invite - invite your warm audience into the incredible signature program we’ll create together
  • Change their lives - through creating an unforgettable client experience and learning how to hire the right help when needed, offer your clients the transformation you promised in a way they’ll be raving about you to everyone they know!
  • Scale - when ready, the steps and systems to scale your business to a whole new level are offered inside, including hiring, outsourcing, creating extra streams of revenue, paid advertisement, and more.

A Peek Inside...

Clear Goals & Creating a Winning Lifestyle + Mindset

It all starts with getting clear on where you WANT to go, and creating a winning mindset and lifestyle that will support your journey there. We also go over allll the burning logistics and legality questions in module 1 to get that out of the way!

A Clear Brand + Client Avatar

Clarity of who YOU are as both a person and a business owner, is something I see many people struggling to discover. After you do, creating a unique brand and mission statement for your business comes next so that you can STAND OUT.

Consistent Lead Generation + Your Very First Successful Funnel

Continuously getting potential clients knocking on your virtual door is hard for most. But when you have a successful lead generating funnel + the RIGHT content you can put out consistently without overwhelm? You win.

Content Creation like a PRO

Alllll things content creation in this module as you finish up your big FUNNEL, as even if someone is interested, they'll likely look through your content. But let me show you a way to do it RIGHT without the overwhelm.

Creating Your Program

The exciting part!! Time to create your UNIQUE, transformational, signature program that will be resonating with your ideal client avatar so much, they'll be asking YOU how to get started.

Sales & Serving on Your Call

How to get people to say YES to you? How to know your value? How to shift your mindset so it seems a lot less like an icky sales call and more like a chat with a friend while you serve them with your expertise? What we will cover here.

Client Experience & Systems

After you get that YES, how do you know how to deliver all you promised and MORE, to give your clients an unforgettable experience... never regretting their investment? This module breaks that all down so that you can lead with confidence.

Adding Revenue Streams, Scaling, and Hiring

When you've got the rest down... it's time to BUILD and SCALE. This module we'll be talking about paid traffic, adding extra streams of revenue, and both outsourcing+hiring -- so that when the time is right, you're equipped!


Did we mention that if you are a registered dietitian, you'll be getting 16 CEUs for completing the course?! Not only will you get the business building system to take you all the way from LOST to Confident Business Woman... but you'll gain 16 CEUs in the process!

Did I Mention...

Do this all with the mentorship of myself, Sarah Grace,
and the support of a like-minded community,
the entire way??


Let’s be honest, this journey can be isolating and lonely. But it
doesn’t have to be that way any longer.
Oh and for my dietitians? You get the
extra rewards of not only a successful business of your own,
but 16 CEUs when completing this journey.

Learn How to Get Clients at THIS Price


8 Recorded Q&A Calls & Trainings with Sarah Grace (live calls available)

Value: $1,600


The 8 Module RD University E-Course with over 20 video lessons

= Value: $5,000


20 Action-Provoking Worksheets: to turn the lessons into real implementation

Value: $500


A Private Community for 24/7 Support

Value: $500


BONUS TRAINING: Social Media Marketing & Ads Training from an Expert Value: $300


TOTAL VALUE: $7,000+

I'm ready!

A Past RDU Member's Story

Looking for a more EXCLUSIVE, Group Coaching Option?! 

RD University has two different options now!

1) The Self-Paced Version: begin building your business with the exact BLUEPRINT for success, on your own time and at your own pace!


2)The Group Coaching Program Option! Your Group Coaching Experience will last for 12 weeks, have everything the self-paced version receives (business building blueprint, worksheets, private community, etc), but will ALSO get a weekly live call with me in a small group setting.

I will give a mini training to start each call, and then give each person a chance to ask their questions weekly on the calls and receive detailed feedback from me. I have seen this structure to offer SO much value when you can not only get your questions answered, but hear others' questions and answers too! Think of this as getting a private business coach - at a fraction of the cost!


RD University Options

Choose which option is best for you!

Join the 12-Week Group Coaching RDU Program

Want my support + to go through building your business with weekly calls with me & like-minded women?? (max 20 people) Be ready for clients when the new year hits! Starts at $2000. Next group starts in February.

Get on the Waitlist to have priority when doors open shortly in February!

Self-Paced Version - Start Right Away!


instead of waiting for the live mentorship, start now at a fraction of the cost! You still get access to all recorded past calls & our private group for 24/7 support

Let's do this!!

What Past RDU Members are Saying:

Another Past RDU Member's Story

FAQs Before Joining RD University

Great question! RD University used to ONLY be available in the group coaching format -- and open 2x/year. With people wanting to join and build their businesses at different times, I wanted to create an option for them to do so! And I was CONFIDENT that RDU modules and actionable guides were so in-depth and clear - that people could get the same results at their own pace too!

Not to mention it's less of a financial investment - so it gives more people that couldn't afford working with me in the group mentorship, a way to still build the business of their dreams!

The group coaching program will last for 12 weeks, have everything the self-paced version receives (business building blueprint, worksheets, private community, etc), but will ALSO get a weekly live call with me in a small group setting. I will give a mini training to start each call, and then give each person a chance to ask their questions weekly on the calls and receive detailed feedback from me. I have seen this structure to offer SO much value when you can not only get your questions answered, but hear others' questions and answers too! Think of this as getting a private business coach - at a fraction of the cost!!

Nope! This is the EXACT process that I’ve taken clients through 1-1 to create their own business online, and even with the self-paced version, you’ll still be getting the access to ME through our private group so that you never feel alone like other courses!

This isn’t just for dietitians, but all health professionals and soon to be dietitians as well! Sure, if you’re a dietitian there will be some extra info that pertains to you AND you’ll receive CEUs for completing it… but as long as you are an expert in the health space in some way, this course is for you! Those I've coached 1-1 with this same system, were a mix of dietitians AND personal trainers with a nutrition certification as well!

Even though it is set up in an 8-module, 8-week format, RD University can be done at your pace! You’ll have access to all modules at once in case you have extra time on some weeks, and little to no time on others. All past recorded group calls will be available too. However if wanting to complete within the 8-week timeframe, building a business DOES take some work :) I recommend setting aside about an hour to watch the lessons of the week, and another 2-3 hours to implement and take serious action from what you learned. Plus, I know once you start the beginning process and create those clear goals and visions, you’ll be so excited you won’t be able to help but to dedicate time to this weekly!

It can actually help BOTH! If you’re just starting out and have nothing created yet, this will give you all the steps you need from the very beginning, all the way to scaling BIG. But if you have a business already? You may be surprised at certain systems and processes are within these modules that will help you grow to a whole new level!!

Let’s talk about overwhelm. That happens when you have a lot of information, but no step-by-step plan to put all that information into a successful business building model. RD University is exactly opposite to that. I have left out ALL fluff, and only included the important information you need, along with step-by-step worksheets and screen sharing tutorials, so that you never get overwhelmed!

Typically building an online business IS super overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Not when you have a step-by-step blueprint!

About the Creator:

Hey there, I’m Sarah Grace, a registered dietitian and business mentor to health professionals, on mission to empower as many women as possible to take their own expertise online, so that together, we can cut through the nutrition noise and create greater impact globally.
And that’s exactly why I created RD University.
See, if you’re anything like me, I graduated from my masters program and dietetic internship knowing  A LOT of things about nutrition, but almost nothing when it came to creating a successful business online as a professional.
But I had a fire deep inside, and believed with all my heart I was meant to blaze my own trail.
So began my journey of entrepreneurship and “figuring it all out”, as you could say.
Finally, I figured it all out. Well, I’ll always be learning and growing. But I’ve figured out A LOT. Enough to have had an online, 6-figure business for a few years now that has led to impact, inner joy, and freedom. That last one being that greatest gift to my life.
Now? I’m ready to share the proven system that I’ve used myself and with others to create their own businesses online, with you too.

Come say hello on instagram right here in the meantime, it's one of my favorite places to hangout and share daily inspiration.


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